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Addressing Financial Process Challenges
Addressing Financial Process Challenges
A business case study addressing financial process challenges for a disability service provider. We outline...
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Business Strategy
A business case of how the dVT Group worked with complex cultural and hierarchal considerations of the...
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Pre-lending Review
A business case of how the dVT Group were asked to carry out a pre-lending review to determine whether...
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Forensic Investigation
A business case of how the dVT Group conducted a forensic accounting investigation on the rent roll of...
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Valuation of Listed Company
A business case of how the dVT Group facilitated a reverse takeover transaction to allow a national Australian...
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Business Turnaround
A business case of how the dVT Group took a substantial property developer facing hardship and substantial...
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Business Viability
A business case of how dVT Group conducted a review to determine the ongoing viability of this company....
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Business Intelligence for effective management
A business case of how dVT Consulting completed a comprehensive review of all areas of the business to...
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Business Turnaround and Preparation for Sale
A business case of how the dVT Group helped a family owned business, over a 4 year period, to not only...
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Business Succession Planning
A business case where the dVT Group helped directors address all areas of their business to improve their...
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