Addressing Financial Process Challenges

Addressing Financial Process Challenges

A business case study addressing financial process challenges for a disability service provider. We outline the critical areas identified for improvements and the specialised tailored tools used to successfully provide tailored recommendations to address the unique needs of the disability service provider.  This ensured compliance with NDIS regulations, while driving improvements in financial processes and efficiency. […]

Business Strategy

A business case of how the dVT Group worked with complex cultural and hierarchal considerations of the Church to consider the specific objectives of the Church leaders and the needs of the community, to obtain a unified acceptance of the recommended strategies.

Pre-lending Review

A business case of how the dVT Group were asked to carry out a pre-lending review to determine whether funds should be advanced to a small mining services provider.

Forensic Investigation

A business case of how the dVT Group conducted a forensic accounting investigation on the rent roll of a real estate company, which led to compensation claims and charges being laid.

Valuation of Listed Company

A business case of how the dVT Group facilitated a reverse takeover transaction to allow a national Australian business to enter the New Zealand market. This involved an independent expert report and business valuation to analyse the effect of the transaction for shareholders of both companies, as well as determine the current and future value of the business.

Business Turnaround

A business case of how the dVT Group took a substantial property developer facing hardship and substantial losses, through a formal administration process to achieve an excellent result not only for the directors, but for the creditors and banks involved.

Business Viability

A business case of how dVT Group conducted a review to determine the ongoing viability of this company. Options were identified and a recommendation was made that actually saved the Company, including over 100 jobs. The bank and accountant were also happy with the outcome and to retain their important client.

Business Intelligence for effective management

A business case of how dVT Consulting completed a comprehensive review of all areas of the business to provide the business intelligence required to make informed manufacturing decisions in the short term, as well as marketing and budgeting plans and strategies in the future.

Business Turnaround and Preparation for Sale

A business case of how the dVT Group helped a family owned business, over a 4 year period, to not only turn their business around, but also helped the business achieve a higher sale price, based on the increased profit levels achieved.

Business Succession Planning

A business case where the dVT Group helped directors address all areas of their business to improve their profits and ultimately increase the sales value of their business to help them set up for their Life after Business.